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Jeremy co-founded Thrive Rescue in 2013 out of a desire to see justice and hope returned to those around the world. Thrive Rescue Homes provide the best aftercare possible for survivors of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. Jeremy has extensive experience in working with families, youth and young adults in various capacities.

If you ask him what he hopes for the rescued, he will ask you what would you hope for your own children? To see them finish school, receive the love and care of a family, to be safe, to be whole, and to thrive in life!

Jeremy is passionate about advocating for survivors! Jeremy lived in Pattaya Thailand for the last 6 years. He enjoys fishing and riding motorcycles, and laughing!

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Chanjira (Ma Od)
Children's Homes Manager 


Social Worker


Sarah Aschkenas
Sponsorship Coordinator


Suky Vallee
Thailand Program Manager