Our Story:

"I remember her, a little girl, not over six or seven years old, walking into the room and letting us know she was there to sing and we should halt the staff training my husband and I were doing for some friends in SE Asia. She stood there, fear abandoned, bold and courageous, a far cry from the little girl who had been rescued from being sold by her mother for sex to strangers. 

It was a moment that is forever engrained in my heart. I saw it, I saw the hope and restoration that was possible for children who had unfairly endured the most horrific atrocity on earth, child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

We returned home from SE Asia and decided that even though we couldn’t do everything, we could certainly do SOMETHING. We planned, researched, fundraised and launched a non-profit, Thrive Rescue, packed up four suitcases and moved to Thailand to start our very first trauma recovery home for children who have been trafficked or exploited. 

The road has been a roller coaster, but every life rescued and restored is worth it all! If you have ever had a dream in your heart to advocate for those enslaved, pursue it, it may mean freedom for one or a thousand!"

Jenifer Kraus